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Frequently Asked Questions

What are In-Network Listings?

In-Network listings are business listings within the growing network of ezad sites.  These directories include link directories, business directories and other nice purpose directories including deal sites, near me sites, open now sites and more.

As the directory grows, so does your reach without increasing your costs.

Our paid listings get follow links which give your business website the ultimate in SEO backlink profile.

What are Extended Network Listings?

Our Extended Network Listings extends your reach to more than 50 of the top directories in the US as well as navigational devices loaded in most modern cars and inclusion in AI home assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

What is the Website Plus product?

Our Website Plus product allows up to 10 pages on your own domain and includes built in adverstising accross our In-Network sites as well as our Extended Network sites.

Our websites get indexed faster as all websites include advertising from day one accross a variety of the top directories in the US.  Our In-Network sites offer do follow backlinks and our Extened Network offers a mix do follow and no follow links on some of the top ranked / top authority websites online. 

Go to market faster and dominate the search results with an SEO rich website and matching SEO riche listing pages accross the web.

Is there a free version?

We do have a way to get your business listed for free. Contact us today to find out how.

Note: Free listings are not garnateed to have follow links within our network and do not extend to the Extended Partner sites.

However, if you contact us and don’t mind going to each site individually, we can give you a free guide on how to update your listings accross the web for free (albeit time consuming and tedious).

Can I manage multiple listings?

You can manage as many listings in our network as you like and can host a mix of paid, free and extended network listings.

If you have more than 5 listings, we can offer discounts. Contact us to find out more.

I work for a marketing company. Can I use ezad for my customers?

We love working with marketing agencies.  You can manage as many listings as you like with ezad.  You can host a mix of free listings, paid listings and extended network listings.

If you pay for more than 5 listings, contact us for discounted pricing or sign up for our affiliate program.

Do you offer other products and services?

We are a full service marketing agency and aim to make advertising easy for any business; big or small.

Once you’ve created an account and log in you will have access to free tools and resources as well as special offers to other ezad products including but not limited to: graphic design, logo design, ai website tools and more.